The Backstage Story

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Rait London, is an independent fine jewellery brand that honors the strength of a woman. Iconic jewels for independent, unique women who choose to challenge. The luxury brand founded by Sujas Rait in 2018, was her voice to the world that women must stop trying to become a man and celebrate their powerful identity of being a lady. 


Born and brought up in India; the country of colours and sparkles, Sujas was always surrounded by her mother and aunts wearing exquisite pieces of rare gemstones. Her obsession with jewellery was probably predictable! 

She moved to London 5 years ago and wanted to bring the same vibe to her new world in London. After Googling options and walking hours around Hatton Garden, she immediately realised that she isn’t going to find the same timeless pieces and craftsmanship in London (and let’s not get to the extravagant price tags). Which is why she launched her own brand of luxury Jewellery, hoping that she could help a lot more women find value, without compromising on the craft quality.

Since her starting this venture, she’s learnt how strong and compassionate a woman can be (come on, moving countries isn’t a joke). And it’s this strength and sense of pride that you’ll see through her timeless handmade jewellery pieces.

Our Values

At Rait London, we’re committed to the ethical code of conduct and love working with ‘kind-hearted and honest individuals’ that possess respect and passion for the craft.

We value our planet Earth and humanity which is why we’re trying our best to stay away from disturbing stories of mining. All the stones used in our jewellery pieces are either lab grown or ethically sourced, and that still possess the same elements of rare gemstones. We don’t think it’s necessary to disturb the natural eco-system of the planet when you can achieve the same in its exact same atomic and physical form. We feel this approach is more appropriate for the times we live in.


Jewel Care

All our pieces have been designed keeping YOU in mind.

And we want you to wear them all day into the night. So please leave them on wherever you go, unless you are using chemicals, shampoos perfumes or any kind of lotion.


Also take note that bumping your jewels against hard objects can create irreversible small cracks.

Please do let us know if you need further information or have any specific questions about your jewellery pieces. Feel free to send us an email at